Chigozie Obi

Lagos based artist Obi Chigozie creates paintings, drawings and digital illustrations. Obi incorporates colour, figures and portraits to convey ideas which often reflect on the issues she faces and matters that affect the people around her. Emotion is a big influence on Obi. When studying her work, she intends to make the viewers feel the vehemence the subject carries. Her work authenticates her keen interest for the human aspect of life and the strife for self-acceptance. She compliments this focus with her portrait works by analyzing the society - the cultural narratives adopted and how it affects people in it, especially women. Her work implores for change in the upbringing of humans within societal gender constructs. In 2017, she was selected to participate in the Rasheed Gbadamosi Eko Art Expo as a student exhibitor and exhibited at the Studio Scout: Journey of Self Discovery in 2018. She has participated in other exhibitions since then.