Djibril Drame

Djibril Drame is a visual artist, filmmaker, curator and independent scholar originally from Senegal, West Africa. Drame has participated and been featured in many exhibitions and competitions worldwide including Germany, Ghana, Togo, Ethiopia, Spain, and Ivory Coast. His work strives to shed light on socially relevant and slightly controversial issues affecting our world today including discrimination, religion, race, identity, femininity and masculinity. His work reflects the many aspects of Africa’s multifaceted history and innumerable intertwined cultures, offering an alternative African narrative. In the past few years, Drame has also been heavily involved in film and has released two short movies which have gone on to feature in festivals and art tours internationally. Drame has curated art shows throughout Africa and North America, including the Afro Music Festival held in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in Journalism, Communication and Public Relations and earned a certificate in Art Curation from International Curators Independent, an organization based in New York. He is also a graffiti Artist.