Ife E Ofulue 

28 x 16 inch premium satin paper in a limited edition of 5. Delivery between 1-2 weeks. Certificate of authenticity provided.

Custom framing available for deliveries within Nigeria. Please request quote in delivery note.


About the Artist

Ife E Ofulue is a multidisciplinary visual artist who lives in Lagos and works in Abuja, Nigeria. A native of Lagos, his visuals seek to pay homage to Nigeria and show a different way to view everyday experiences and people. His distinctive personal style emanates serenity and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of his everyday sightings. His assemblage of picturesque landscapes, everyday people and vibrant colors are used to create something new. His works have been shown in exhibitions in South Africa and Nigeria, including Emergence of Art at Studio One Art Gallery, Capetown and this year’s edition of Lagos Photo Festival.

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