Forget Your Sorrow II


Wami Aluko

16 x 12 inch premium satin paper in a limited edition of 5. Delivery within 1-2 weeks. Certificate of authenticity provided.

Custom framing available for deliveries within Nigeria. Please request quote in delivery note.


About the Artist
Wami Aluko (wa-ko) is a Nigerian conceptual and documentary photographer, creative director and film-maker. Her main aim as an artist is to highlight and celebrate the diversity within Nigeria and the African diaspora. She refers to herself as a visual storyteller, visually portraying the stories of others, and presenting Africans as the multifaceted people that they are. Her visual stories draw inspiration from music, fashion, philosophical issues to human psychology and behaviour. Since starting her photography journey in 2016, she has gone on to do exhibitions in Edinburgh, London and Lagos. Her debut documentary, ‘For Those Who Listen’ was a celebration of the creative scene in Nigeria, focusing on the impact of music on Nigerian youth. The documentary went on to be featured on Punch, ThisDay, Konbini and more.

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